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DJ Lights


Adrenaline junkies, trivia wizards, closet entertainers, and everything in-between; WE HEAR YOU!


How it usually goes:

Once our host is ready to begin, typically 15-30 minutes prior to trivia round starting, they will announce the event. Inviting guests to hang out, order another beverage or some cheese fries, and try their hand at trivia. They announce prizes and rules, make sure all teams get their papers, pens, and answer slips and then the host will begin the round.

Music is played after each question is read. The teams must submit answer slips at the host table before the song ends. Once all accounted for, the answer is announced and points awarded. Then rinse and repeat! 

There is a half-time break of 5 or so minutes after the first hour, then the host will announce mid-round standings. A final round where points can be wagered is played and a final winner announced. Prizes are awarded and the host will thanks teams individually, invite return visitors, make any announcements needed, then pack up.


  • Custom Print-outs that help teams track categories, points, and even space for you to advertise specials, menu highlights, and upcoming special events

  • Fun questions

  • Audio equipment including microphone, speaker(s) with stand(s), and mixer. We just need to connect to power!

  • Engaging and entertaining host to keep the crowd engaged and interested in the event

  • Music to fit the venue, crowd, and occasion. We play music hints, category-based, or just plain awesome songs that keep the crowd happy while teams are answering the questions asked.


  • Negotiated flat rate paid at each event

  • Display our posters (provided) to advertise trivia events

  • Provide 1-3 prizes; typically gift cards or free apps, merch, or other fun stuff people would want to win!


How it usually goes:

Our host plays some party music to get the crowd ready for a great time. They announce the karaoke event, and invite the guests to come up to the booth to sign-up for songs.

The host will create a rotation of these guests, adding newcomers, and will play party songs during small breaks between singers. The host might even fill-in when the crowd is anxious or nervous to help break the ice. 


  • Mics with stands

  • Premium Audio

  • Stage Lighting with stands (optional)

  • MC & DJ - Party host in one

  • Lyric prompt screen for performer & one for the crowd to join in (optional)

  • And the music!


Everybody loves a good team!

  • Power and a place to jam

  • Display posters for upcoming events

  • Negotiated rate paid at the event

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