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"Quantum" - The smallest measurable. 

Big events are great, and we can do them, but "Quantum" Events can be just as difficult.

No matter what, we will be there to catch the smallest detail, serve to the smallest need, entertain the smallest crowd, and find a way to make as big a difference as possible.

"You find out that life is just a game of inches. [...] Because in either game, life or football, the margin for error is so small."

- Al Pacino, Any Given Sunday

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Music Mixing


Satisfied Clients are Our Only Clients

Did you hire a mobile DJ or a very expensive radio?! 
You deserve to be entertained. Your guests/friends are here for a show and some cool mixing, and that is why you are shopping for a DJ - we can be that show, and mix your favorite music.


Family & Youth/School Event Appropriate

Do we have the "full" versions? Sure, but you may not want that every time. 

Our default program is to play the radio version of all music. Nothing will turn a crowd faster than a slew of strong words turned up to 11! We will play what you want for your event, but you will never worry about us playing bad edits or "miss" words you prefer not to hear from a High School DJ, for example.

Music Equipment


No YouTube rips!

Look, we know most people may not care where a Mobile DJ gets their music. You should! Who gets busted if the DJ is caught playing illegal rips? You, the client!

We care about the sound quality, the artists deserve to be paid, and you deserve to know exactly what you're paying for - a professional Mobile DJ and a professional Event Entertainment Business.

Family Owned Business Since 2012 - Quant


Truly Quality-Driven

Our family is committed to making every event the best ever.

The big dogs are more worried about the bottom-line; cutting costs, maximizing profits, and disregarding the extra-mile moments. That just isn't how we do business. We started this event entertainment business to experience great events with our clients, and provide a service above all others.

If we can make the event better for you, we will go above and beyond to exceed expectations.

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